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The Pearl White

The Pearl White - SmartHuggers

The Pearl White


Satisfaction assured, Top-Tier service. The Smart choice

With luxury materials, we’ve ensured that the quality of all our cases remains superior and stylish, equipped with premium features such as…

Shockproof Case protects your phone from impact, proven with 3-Meter Anti-Fall tested!

Fully Wrapped including NEW Lens-Edge protection for 11's and 12's to keep your entire phone safe!

Waterproof material to protect your devices from the elements.

Easy Grip Matte Coating and smooth Bare Feel finish, so our premium cases are not only soft to the touch but also makes it easier to grip your iPhone.

Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Ash and Fully Washable, our cases stay cleaner and carry less contamination.

Microfiber Inner Lining cushions and protects the phone's back while absorbing additional shock.

Vacuum Compression technology hugs your device tighter than ever before, keeping dust and dirt from getting in while maintaining a compact yet durable design.

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